Do you want a unitary look on all screens regardless their size (desktop , laptop, tablet, mobile phone)?

smart upgrade: this package of services is specially designed for customers who have a website created with outdated technology.

According to, in 2015, 33.4 % of the sites’ visits and 34 % of the searches for products for shopping came from mobile devices.

Towards the increasing trend of the traffic from mobile phone and tablet the magic word in this area is " responsive design" , the variety of mobile devices and their size making them shift from fixed grid ( grid width of 950-1080px ) to a design and a mobile grid, adaptable to fit the user's screen.

In the absence of the adaptability, the websites can be accessed with difficulty on mobile devices, the users getting to avoid them and seek alternative sites.

If the competitors’ pages show impeccable on mobile and tablet and yours are indecipherable or if you simply want to be one step ahead of the competition, you need to update the design and to optimize the web site for mobile devices.

Do you have a new business, do you want a rebranding or are you not yet decided whether you need a website?

WordPress solutions: from idea to project completion we promptly deal with all the aspects.
If you have not taken the step to the internet, now is the best time because:
  1. Consumers’ habits have strongly changed during the last years, the impact of mobile leading to use the internet in nearly all the moments of the day. Attracting new customers or the migration of the oldest ones to the competition are provoked also by their inability to find quickly and transparent information about your business.
  2. Due to the decrease of tariffs of services and to the increase of the speed of data transfer (of the mobiles in particular) the connectivity became omnipresence.
  1. If in the past owning a site was regarded as an innovative and successful factor, currently the lack of this one may lead to the perception that the respective company has something to hide or has illegal activities.
  2. The migration from print to online is completed. It can be estimated that the prices of a website are equivalent to the costs of business cards and leaflets of presentation from 20-30 years ago.
  3. The price of services and the time of achievement of professional and very complex websites decreased by almost 75%.

Catch the wave of the change: with the solutions tredySites you are one step ahead of the competition!

tredySites: we understand the needs of your business: we implement the projects using the latest technologies.

... because we bring you the future in present.

  1. We use the latest software solutions to achieve the projects. We integrate tools for monitoring and management of visitors / clients and all your online resources so that you have all the relevant information instantly (whether in front of a laptop, tablet or phone).
  2. Do you want a virtual showroom for your business production or do you want to invest (expand) into a web shop? Your website can get much more functionality than a simple business card www.
  3. The design is specially created and tested to provide the most enjoyable experiences to the visitors in the interaction with your products. Customer’s satisfaction and loyalty are the main coordinates that we follow when we plan and implement the project.

First impression still matters?

YES. Because over 94% of businesses deals begins with a search of information on the net about future partner / customer / supplier.

Even in the b2c area the buyer previously makes researches on the net when purchasing a product whose value or duration of use justify the time devoted to information.

Hypothetical situation: if you go to a business lunch dressed in shorts and hat the chances to complete the transaction are almost zero.

Approximate the same phenomenon happens when a potential customer is trying to find out more information about your business and finds a website unkempt, outdated and full of outdated information. (In the happy case when opening it from mobile is enough persevering to try to decipher something).


If the results of your online presence are invisible?

Or you want to improve your profit margin?

we estimate that it is time for an investment in one of the following packages: